CRH 660 Kason Condensate Evaporator Pan


Kason Condensate Evaporator Pan, 240V

Pressure Die-Cast Zinc

Dimensions: 120mm x 317mm x 73mm. 
Volume: 1479ml 
Power Supply: 1.8m, 240V Lead, 140W. 
Evaporation Rate: 157ml/hr. 

The CRH-660 Condensate Evaporator Drip Pan uses Heat Pad Technology, this eliminates the contemporary heating element which is susceptible to earth leakage issues. The self regulating heat pad is far more reliable than independent thermostats that reply on heat transfer through the pan body. Designed for longer life and energy savings, this 140 watt model achieves up to 90% of the evaporation of a typical high wattage unit. The resistance controlled heater lowers wattage automatically to conserve energy when the pan is empty. The placement of the heater cuts heat loss by directing more heat to the wetted pan areas and less to the pan exterior.

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