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Replacement freezer room strip for curtain


Replacement cool room strip for curtain


Hook On / Off Freezer Room Curtains 


Standard Freezer Room Strip Curtains


Trade Sample Pack


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Big head pins are attached to fridge cabinet, the bush is attached to the door, commonly used on Williams doors. In stock, fast dispatch. The new style bush...

Kason Hydraulic Door Closer - 22mm - 41mm Offset Hook. Ivory Plastic Cover Shuts the door noiselessly and keeps it closed. Manufactured under license...

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Cartridge style spring hinge, commonly found on the bottom of under bench cabinet and tall door cabinet doors, often on Williams / Skope branded cabinets....


Aluminium flat bar, dispatched in 1m lengths. Used to attach two finger (BFN1 and NRG3300 profiles) to sliding cool room doors and to the bottom of swing cool room doors as a wiper seal.



Aluminium flat bar, dispatched in 1m lengths. Used where original cool room seals were stapled on to a wooden door or where a seal has to be retro- fitted to a door. Commonly used with D166, D5, C3, D1 profiles


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3 ply disposable face masks